Lazeli Schools offers opportunity for students who wish to access, high quality, content-rich secondary school educational program from Form 1 to 6. Also, at a later stage, Lazeli will establish a primary school as well as a virtual university which will offer programs in collaboration with local and international higher learning institutions.

The first school which opened its gates on 31st January 2007 is a girl's boarding school. It offers boarding services for a maximum of 84 girls in its start-up building and tuition in two separate additional classroom blocks. However, plans are underway to construct the school complex that will accommodate teaching, learning, and administration facilities for 360 students, boarding houses for both students and staff. All this will be done according to the school master-plan over a period of ten years.


The school accept applicants who meet basic requirements. These included discussions between three parties i.e. parents, students and teachers, passing interview tests or entry examination, filling necessary forms and paying statutory and annual fees.


Lazeli Schools offers Tanzania National Curricular (N.E.C.T.A) but intends to offer General Certificate of Secondary Education (G.C.S.E) at a later stage.

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