• About Lazeli

    Lazeli Schools is a multi-cultural, equal opportunity, medium cost private educational institution, founded in January, 2003.Lazeli avails quality educational opportunities to our youngster’s irrespective of social & economic status. It also provides a best learning environment that restores the lost “glory” in our schools. Read More
  • Objective

    Lazeli main objective is to establish a learning centre of excellence that can equip our youngsters with quality education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels for both local and international students. We wish to provide state of art teaching and learning aids for our students to attain their highest social and academic potential. Read More
  • Vision&Mission

    Vision: To be recognized as a school and university of higher excellence with Christian touch both nationally and internationally. Mission:To help all students attain their highest social and academic potential through an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program offered in both classroom setting and e-learning.
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Students Admission


The school accept applicants who meet basic requirements. These included discussions between three parties i.e. parents, students and teachers, passing interview tests or entry examination, filling necessary forms and paying statutory and annual fees.

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  • Spritual Life at Lazeli

Lazeli is a Christian School committed to Christ-centered, Biblical based education to promote excellence in academics, to equip students with Christ honoring leadership skills and to develop their God-given potential which empowers them to impact the world for Jesus Christ. This is done in a way that is clear and concise, yet understands and accepts that the student population is diverse when it comes to spiritual orientation and background. We seek to weave together faith, learning and life throughout the entire scope of life at Lazeli. Each day, we are reminded of our close relationship with our God, through half hour of devotion in the morning and evening where all of us-staff and students come together to praise, worship and hear the word of God.

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Lazeli secondary school is a unique modern school located along Dodoma Highway near A to Z mosquito net factory. It is a girls boarding school and is registered with Certificate  No. S.3531.  The school has an excellent living and learning environment ideal for a girl-child. We prepare young girls extra-ordinarily well with Christian values.
We are advertising 30 Form 1 vacancies  for year 2013. Entry examination for mathematics, English and Social Studies will be held on 24th November 2012 starting at 9 am at school main campus in Kisongo. Only students scoring an average of above 60% will be selected to join Form one.
Also, we have a few vacancies for year 2013 for Form II to IV. Prospective students are required to register to sit for our annual examination starting from 19th November 2012 at school main campus in Kisongo. Boarding vacancies are available during examination and interested students should report on 17th November, 2012.

Subjects Taught

We teach science, arts, business, computing and bible knowledge subjects. Our classes are small with a maximum of 20 students per stream to ensure effective learning and teaching. Lazeli school is in the top 10 region-wise and 100 nationally in the NECTA examinations. Application forms are available at school and Ellans Bookshop or you can register online through the school website:  www.lazeli.net
For more details call us  on:  0754-991920
 The school will be opened on 13 January 2013. Vacancies are limited so, hurry up !!

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